Upcoming Activities

Upcoming Activities  


January 23rd

Progress Reports

ECHS Recruitment 8:30am Cross Creek

January 25th

VGCC Placement Testing

January 29th

ECHS Recruitment 1:50pm Bunn MS

February 13th

Progress Reports

February 14th

Super Senior Cap & Gown Portraits

Valentine's Day

March 7th

2019 - 2020 Freshmen Candidates' Parents Info Night 6:00 - 7:00 PM

March 12th

3rd Quarter Grading Period Ends

March 13th 

FCS Early Release

March 14th

2019 - 2020 Freshman Applications Due

March 18th - March 29th

3pm  - 4pm FCECHS Interviews

March 21st

NC Envirothon

March 29th

Morehead Planetarium and Science Center

April 8th

TRIO Trip to UNC Wilmington

April 15th -19th 

VGCC Spring Break

April 19th

ECHS/FCS Holiday

April 22nd - April 26th 

ECHS/FCS Spring Break