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Financial Fair helps students explore economic issues

More than 200 Franklinton High School seniors participated in the school’s December 4th Financial Fair, designed to provide students with a deeper understanding of income, expenses and budgeting.

The event provided students with the opportunity to attend presentations on Credit & Financial Institutions, Financial Football and Money Management. In addition, they were able to participate in a Reality of Money event, which illustrated the financial challenges of adult life. The program's goal was to help young people understand personal finances and the real-life implications of the choices they make as students and adults.

The Reality of Money program provided each student with a real-life scenario and financial options. Some students were assigned a “reality” of earning $40,000 per year and being married with children, while others were provided a “reality” of being a single parent making less than $20,000 annually. They learned about taxes and visited twelve stations where they were faced with financial decisions on childcare, clothing, communications, credit cards, entertainment, groceries, healthcare insurance, housing and transportation, etc..

Volunteers guided the students through their options and discussed potential consequences of financial decisions. The event was sponsored by the Local Government Federal Credit Union and the State Employee’s Credit Union.

Five high school students talk while an adult moderates


Two high school students at a table where two adult ladies are gesturing


Counselors are seated at a row of tables as students stand and listen


Two high school students at an entertainment table where two counselors are seated


A counselor is seated at a table having a discussion with a male high school student about credit cards


High schools students in a gym standing around different tables set up in stations