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Exceptional athletes become Unified Champions during tournament

A Franklin County Schools' sponsored Unified Champion Schools basketball tournament was held Friday, November 15th at Franklinton High School.

During the event, athletes from Bunn Middle School, Bunn High School, Cedar Creek Middle School and Franklinton High School had the opportunity to play, shoot the ball and dance!

Special Olympics athletes paired with Unified Partners from each school to compete in a 5x5 basketball game. Unified Champion Schools is a program through Special Olympics that unifies athletes and their peers through sports.

Franklin County Schools has been a leader in the "Inclusion Revolution" for many years and has expanded the program to the district's elementary schools.

The next game will be December 20th at LOMES between Long Mill Elementary School and Franklinton Elementary School. In the spring, Bunn High School will host another basketball tournament for secondary schools.


middle school students play basketball


middle school students play basketball


high school students play basketball


high school student play basketball