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Future Farmers of America Attend National Conference

Sixteen members of the Bunn and Franklinton Future Farmers of America (FFA) Chapters attended the 91st National FFA Convention in Indianapolis, Indiana. The students were led and advised by Ryan Berglund (Bunn High School), Sarah Harkey (Franklinton High School) and accompanied by Nicolina Kopani (Bunn High School Vice Principal).

These sixteen members were given the privilege of attending the convention this past June when Jackson Neal won the North Carolina competition for Agriculture Mechanics: Repair and Maintenance.

FFA Members were exposed to new experiences and developed many soft skills by mingling with new people from all fifty states and Puerto Rico. They also volunteered at the National Day of Service. For that activity, members were split into several groups to teach a field trip of kindergarteners from Indiana how Farm-To-Table works. The group made sure to demonstrate a mature and respectable demeanor to ensure that their commitment to FFA would not go unnoticed.

“For my first convention, it was an amazing experience that I’ll never forget. Meeting state representatives provides a stronger and wider view of agriculture. Because of this experience, I now thrive to go for my American Degree”, says senior, Kayleigh Renner of Franklinton High.

“You don’t understand the value of an organization until you really experience it and really see how many people are actively a part of it.  It was amazing to see so many people in corduroy jackets for ‘Just One’ cause: FFA”, says Franklinton High junior, Karlee Ure.

Besides the volunteer day, FFA officers and members attended a Garth Brooks concert, hypnotist show by Dr. Jim Wand and attended a brunch with the North Carolina FFA Officers and North Carolina Alumni. Along with these amazing experiences, the group explored the Indianapolis Convention Center, which held many FFA shops, games, and exhibits.

“It was a great experience to meet people from all over the United States that have some of the same interests as me: FFA”, says Bunn High School senior, Alex Husinko.

“I like how we got to spend a lot of time with some friends and learn more about the FFA”, says Bunn High School sophomore, Daniel Enberg.

“I like how the whole experience brought two rival schools from the same county together as one family for the time being”, says Franklinton High senior, Nick Mitchell.

“This was my first experience at National Convention as an advisor, and it was a good one. Ms. Harkey and I will definitely continue to promote students’ dedication and participation in their Supervised Agricultural Experiences, as well as their Career Development Events”, says Bunn FFA Advisor, Ryan Berglund.