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Franklin County Schools Hosts Educational Technology Summit

A group of dedicated educators from all over North Carolina is spending part of their summer at a technology professional development workshop.

It’s called The EdTechTeam Summit, featuring Google for Education. This particular two-day learning opportunity features information on personalized student instruction and how to incorporate different Google for Education products in an engaging and meaningful way.

Summit Lead, Jesse Lubinksy says, “You always know when you do an event over the summer, you are getting a special group of teachers because they are giving up their time to come to this event. They are committed to their students and to themselves”.

The experience is more than a review of the G-Suite tools. Lubinsky says it boils down to teaching and learning… and, how educators approach it. “At the microcosm level, this event is about educational technology tools and using them to help improve what we do at schools. But, it’s really about creating an idealized experience for kids. Everyone is here because they are passionate about it. They want to get their students excited about learning and engaged in the content”.

The EdTechTeam Summit is just one opportunity the organization offers to school districts around the globe. In addition to workshops like this, EdTechTeam offers individualized professional development. They work with school districts and teachers on a long-term basis to build their capacity around using technology in the classroom.

This is Mr. Lubinky’s third summit in North Carolina. He travels all around the globe and has completed about 20 summits a year since 2015. “One of the most exciting parts is meeting educators from across the world. You learn about what goes in other schools. Usually, you assume, what you do—is what everyone does. But everyone has a unique way to approaching education. It has been great to meet educators around the world, to make those connections and see what other students experience.”

Improving student experience is what it is all about for the EdTechTeam. The keynote addresses and sessions are centered around making students care about different digital literacies; but perhaps, more importantly, they also touch on how to transform a classroom into a place where kids look forward to showing up. Franklin County educators and others are learning to create an environment where students want to go every day.

The passion behind the EdTechTeam to enhance the student experience is evident in their presentations, but also in their professional backgrounds. Everyone presenting in North Carolina holds a separate full-time job in education.

Summit Lead, Jesse Lubinsky, is the Director of Technology and Chief Information Officer for the Irvington Union-Free School District in Irvington, NY. Joining Lubinksy are Donnie Piercey and Natasha Rachell. Piercey holds the dual role of fifth-grade teacher and district technology integration specialist for Eminence Independent Schools in Kentucky. Rachell is an alternatively certified high school science teacher, who currently works for Atlanta Public Schools as an Educational Technology Specialist and most recently, the Science Digital Learning Specialist.

If you want to find out more about the EdTechTeam and what they offer, please visit their website