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Students provide input on FCS’ strategic plan during FMS ‘table talk’

FCS Superintendent Rhonda Schuhler led a lunchtime discussion with eight student leaders at Franklinton Middle School on January 7th.

The students represented each grade at the 6th through 8th grade middle school and had the opportunity to ask questions, learn and voice their opinions about what is good and what could be improved at their school, as well as throughout the district.

Dr. Schuhler reviewed the details of Franklin County Schools’ draft strategic plan with students. The plan is a blueprint for success that will cover 2020-2025. The students listened and provided feedback to Schuhler. They are the first students to provide feedback on the draft plan.

The students reviewed the district’s draft vision and mission statements and were vocal about their opinions, one student calling it a “smart plan.” Others explained their views that certain words and phrases could be edited. All seemed to agree that it was a good idea to have a plan with goals and benchmarks designed to move the district forward.

Students also received the benefit of Dr. Schuhler’s 27 years of experience in public education, as a teacher, principal and superintendent. She listened as they described their academic and career goals. She also provided them with sound counsel on some of the best options for them to achieve success. The students cited career goals like doctor, nurse and writer. They said reading, math and science classes at FMS are some of their favorite subjects.

They all agreed that FMS is a great place to go to school, citing its scheduling options, classroom environment and atmosphere of safety and caring from the teachers and administrators.


Middle schools students seated at a table talking with an adult female


Middle school students seated around a table and listening to an adult female


middle school students seated at a table and listening to an adult femaile


Middle school students seated at a table and listening to an adult female