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Cedar Creek Middle students discuss issues with Superintendent

by Curtis Hayes, Director of Communications

A panel of nine Cedar Creek Middle School students, representing grades 6-8, had the opportunity to talk with FCS Superintendent Rhonda Schuhler about school issues during a December 16th “table-talk” event.

The 6th, 7th and 8th graders had lunch, holiday treats and discussed their interests, future goals, school “likes” and ideas for improvement with Dr. Schuhler. She described her educational and career journey, as well as her responsibilities as superintendent. She also listened to their concerns and shared a few laughs.

The students’ interests ranged from arts, basketball, chorus, culinary, dance, football, music and working on cars to studying math and science. Some of their future career goals included athlete, automotive technician, chef, choreographer, computer scientist and engineer. Schuhler provided them with practical advice on the best routes to achieving their academic and career objectives.

“You don’t have to figure it all out right now,” Schuhler said. “Try different Career and Technical Education (CTE) classes, and other courses, to find out what truly interests you. Do online research and explore which career fields are growing and which colleges offer a pathway.”

The students agreed that Cedar Creek Middle School’s teachers are good at explaining classroom materials, as well as nice, patient and inclusive. They said the school could use some physical improvements and increased hallway monitoring. They also said that sometimes the daily schedules for bathroom breaks and block classes could be adjusted to better serve the needs of students. In addition, they said that technology, such as the Chromebooks assigned to students, are used strategically by most teachers as an educational supplement in class.


Nine middle school students seated around a table with an adult female

Middle school students seated around a table talking with an adult female