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Science in Sports presentation ‘wows’ students at Franklinton MS; STEAM lab tour impresses Harlem Globetrotter guest

by Curtis Hayes, Director of Communications

Former Harlem Globetrotter, TyRone “Hollywood” Brown, discussed his professional basketball career and the characteristics that helped him become successful during a Monday, December 9th presentation at Franklinton Middle School.

Student from Franklinton Elementary School joined those at Franklinton Middle School for the presentation, which left them cheering for more! His talk focused on Science in Sports, and he also toured the STEAM Imagination Lab of Franklin County Schools, which is located at FMS.

Hollywood Brown spent 11 years playing basketball with the world famous Harlem Globetrotters. He now shares his story of determination with students around the country. He said that after playing college basketball, he was invited to try out for teams on the next level. But, after getting cut 15 times during a two-year period from several professional teams, such as the Atlanta Hawks and Philadelphia 76ers, his lifelong dream of playing for the Globetrotters eventually became a reality.

“I never gave up,” Brown said. “I was determined, persistent and worked hard toward my goal. I didn’t let anything distract me.”

Brown encouraged students to write down their goals on paper and review it daily. Then, he told the students to, “Do your homework and take care of your body.”

The former Globetrotter star said he has never taken drugs, tobacco products or alcohol in his life. And his dedication to taking care of his body helped him to eventually reach his goal of playing basketball professionally for the Harlem Globetrotters.  

After speaking with students and teachers, and teaching some of them a few of his famous ball-handling tricks, Brown toured the new STEAM Imagination Lab and told students the pathway to a successful future includes studying STEAM skills, which are in demand by employers.

The event was sponsored by the United Way of Franklin County, the STEAM Lab at Franklin County Schools and Thermofisher Scientific.


A man on a stage

A man with a basketball and a boy on a stage

4 kids pass a basketball while a man stands in the middle and directs them

A Harlem Globetrotter helps a student spin a basketball on his fingertip

Five students hold up books and pose with a Harlem Globetrotter

A group of adults and students in a STEAM lab at the 3D printer display

A group of students surround microscopes in a STEAM lab

A Harlem Globetrotter talks with three school girls in a STEAM Lab

Five adults with a Harlem Globetrotter at a STEAM Lab