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Edward Best Elementary School students ‘lunch’ with FCS Superintendent

Franklin County Schools Superintendent Rhonda Schuhler met with 9 students from Edward Best Elementary School December 4th for a lunchtime “table-talk” that provided them with an opportunity to learn, provide feedback and ask questions.

The students ranged from 3rd grade to 5th grade and included a diverse range of representatives. Dr. Schuhler explained her position as superintendent, as well as her educational journey. She also asked students to share a little about their backgrounds and interests.

Some of the favorites cited by the elementary school students included animals, reading, sports and sweets. The students said the teachers at EBES are super nice and helpful, but they don’t just give you the answers.

Schuhler also asked the students if there was anything they would change about their school? More opportunities to engage in hands-on science experiments was one thoughtful answer. Another answer included the desire for more foreign language opportunities. The students also described the school’s policy on electronic devices, cafeteria food and buses with the superintendent.

Dr. Schuhler said the students were very engaged in the discussion. The events are part of FCS’ commitment to building relationships with students that matter and make a difference in their educational journeys.

An adult talks with an elementary school student at a table as another student observes

An adult female dressed in red sits at a wooden table with 9 elementary school students who are having lunch and listening

Seven elementary school children sit at a table and eat lunch as an adult female watches and another talks