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Bunn Elementary School students participate in ‘table-talk’ with FCS Superintendent

by Curtis Hayes, Director of Communications

Franklin County Schools Superintendent Rhonda Schuhler met with 10 students from Bunn Elementary School October 7th for a lunchtime “table-talk” designed to provide them with an opportunity to learn and have a voice.

The students ranged from 3rd grade to 5th grade and included a diverse range of student representatives. Dr. Schuhler explained her position as superintendent, as well as her educational journey. She asked students to share a little about their backgrounds and interests.

Some of the favorite activities cited by the elementary school students included reading, playing baseball and video games. Their favorite subjects included math and science. In terms of future professions, the students listed teacher, bus driver, chef and veterinarian as potential careers.  

The students also talked about issues like bullying, buses, lockers, the dress code and the availability of computer technology. Schuhler also asked the students if there was anything they would change about their school? They seemed to have a unanimous voice with their answer of more playground equipment.

This was the third student, table-talk event of the 2019-2020 academic year. Schuhler will continue to meet with students from the rest of the District’s 16 schools throughout the year. The events are part of FCS’ commitment to building relationships with students that matter and make a difference in their educational journeys.


10 elementary school student seated around a green table talking with an adult female

Franklin County Schools Superintendent Rhonda Schuhler discussed a variety of issues with students at Bunn Elementary School during an October 7th table-talk.