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Superintendent receives student feedback during table-talk

by Curtis Hayes, Director of Communications

As part of Franklin County Schools (FCS) ongoing effort to raise the bar in all of the District’s 16 schools, Superintendent Rhonda Schuhler received student feedback during her first table-table of the 2019-20 Academic Year.

Dr. Schuhler talked with 10 students at Youngsville Elementary School (YES) who ranged from third to fifth grade. The format provided Schuhler with unfiltered feedback about the students’ experiences at YES. Schuhler took the opportunity to discuss the ways school can help students in life – not just in childhood, but also as adults.

One student said math will help him as an adult when he needs to pay bills and buy food and water. Another student said she thinks the friendships and relationships she makes in school will help her when she gets a job one day. They all agreed that being kind is an important quality that should be observed by everyone in school and in adulthood. Several students agreed with Schuhler on the point that reading and writing are also important skills that will help them in school and as they grow older.

When asked what they would improve about their school, the students said they would like to see their fellow students, who are less fortunate, be able to receive more assistance in terms of school supplies, clothing and food.  

The general consensus among the students was they like the school because most of the teachers and new principal Frank Wiggins are nice and make them feel protected and supported. Overall, the students enjoyed learning about Schuhler’s job as superintendent. They were also interested to learn they are not too young to start setting goals and working toward achieving their dreams.

Elementary school student seated at a table

10 elementary school students seated around two tables

Two boys and two girls seated at a table with white tablecloth talk to each other