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Franklin County BOE Earns ‘Master Board’ Status

The Franklin County Board of Education was awarded Level I Master Board Status by the North Carolina School Boards Association during its Annual Conference November 19th in Greensboro.

The Master Board Program offers skills training for school board governance teams. Courses emphasize board development and growth in key leadership areas, such as team and trust building, conflict resolution, goal setting, communication, managing change, ethics, problem solving, decision making and evaluation.

The program, which was developed by the North Carolina School Boards Association and the School of Government at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, allows the school district’s leadership team to train together and address the issues that pertain to their individual school system.

Master Board status is awarded after a board completes five courses. Master Board Level I is achieved after five courses, and Master Board Level II is achieved after ten courses.

School board members are required to earn 12 clock hours of training every two years. The NCSBA Bell Awards for Whole-Board Achievement recognizes school boards that are working toward this requirement. The Franklin County Board of Education earned the Gold Bell Award for the 2018-19 school year for every member having earned at least 12 hours of training between July 1, 2018 and June 30, 2019.    

In addition to the Franklin County Board of Education’s group awards, six members of the board also received recognition on an individual level through the NCSBA’s Academy for School Boardsmanship:

  • Certificate of Achievement (101 – 200 training hours): Thomas Piper
  • Award of Excellence (301 – 400 training hours): Rosemary Champion and Dr. Elizabeth Keith
  • Award of Distinction (401 – 500 training hours): Bernard Hall
  • Bronze Award (601 – 700 training hours): Debra Brodie
  • Scholars Circle (901 + training hours): Paige Sayles

In addition, Diane Marks, clerk to the board and student assignment coordinator, was recognized for her accomplishments in the professional certification program.

A group of eight adults dressed well pose for a group photo

From left to right: FCS Superintendent Rhonda Schuhler, Tommy Piper, Bernard Hall (Vice Chair), Paige Sayles (Chair), Debra Brodie, Dr. Elizabeth Keith, Meghan Jordan and Rosemary Champion.