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Bunn High School students sit down with superintendent

Students representing each grade level at Bunn High School sat down with Franklin County Schools Superintendent Rhonda Schuhler during a November 5th “table-talk” that provided them with a forum to openly discuss their school experiences.

Dr. Schuhler listened as the students described their current experiences, as well as their future aspirations. She provided them with tips on how to achieve their goals, which include attending favorite colleges and universities and working toward becoming an athletic trainer, attorney, graphic designer, laboratory scientist, physical therapist, politician, registered nurse and sports medicine practitioner.

Many of the students who participated in the lunch meeting were also members of a Wildcats athletic team, but academics was at the forefront of the discussion. Students praised the overall quality of the teachers at Bunn High School. They also said the school exhibits tons of school spirit, is steeped in traditions and has a close-knit, family atmosphere. Like any school or large building, they said the facility faces the effects of age and usage and could benefit from maintenance in some areas.

Schuhler described her role as superintendent and explained the district’s $90 million annual budget, which is appropriated as equitably as possible to cover the maintenance needs for 16 schools. Schuhler said 85 percent of the budget goes toward pay for teachers, staff, administrators, bus drivers, maintenance workers, cafeteria specialists and other vital personnel. She said the budget requires an additional $700,000 each year just to maintain current operations.

After a thoughtful exchange of ideas, Schuhler complimented the students on their insights, which delved into the availability of AP courses, arts funding, behavior/discipline, marching band uniforms, media center availability, mobile phone access, safety and tardy policies.


eight high school students and one adult standing and facing the camera


eight high school students and one adult seated around a green and yellow table