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Superintendent’s ECHS ‘table-talk’ put students in the discussion

by Curtis Hayes, Director of Communications

Superintendent Rhonda Schuhler encouraged students to be a voice for the District’s Early College High School (ECHS) during her September 20th “table-talk” event. The session was part of Franklin County Schools (FCS) ongoing commitment to provide all students with the opportunity to pursue academic excellence.

The table-talk format provided Schuhler with unfiltered feedback about the students’ experiences at ECHS. The panel of 10 students represented different grade levels, and Schuhler took the opportunity to get to know them and discuss their future plans. The students talked about their dreams to enter the professions of law, medicine, the military, the world of fashion, law enforcement and the culinary field.

Schuhler listened to their positive comments about ECHS, which offers students the benefit of completing both a FCS’ High School diploma, as well as an Associate’s Degree from Vance-Granville Community College (VGCC). The school also offers a tight-knit, family atmosphere where students establish relationships with peers, teachers and administrators that can last a lifetime.

In addition, Schuhler paid attention as the students described their opinions on busing, textbooks and the facility. Schuhler provided detailed answers to their questions, and she also described FCS’s partnership with VGCC when it comes to the early college program. She outlined the budgetary process and how the leadership of both entities are working together to address the needs that come with any such endeavor.

Schuhler said the partnership between FCS and VGCC is one of the relationships that matter when it comes to creating the environment necessary for students to continue pursuing academic excellence.



three femaile high school students are seated at a table and listening


three high schools students, two female and one male, are seated at a table and listening.