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FCS' teachers earn National Board Certification

The Franklin County Board of Education, as part of its March 9 meeting, recognized several district teachers for achieving or renewing National Board Certification during 2019.

These teachers exemplify Franklin County Schools’ ongoing effort to Raise the BAR on excellence in education.

In order to become nationally board-certified, the teachers had to demonstrate advanced knowledge, skills, and practices in their individual areas of certification by completing four components:

1: Content Knowledge was demonstrated through a computer-based assessment.

2: Differentiation in Instruction was demonstrated with a portfolio entry that required teachers to analyze, design and implement a plan of instruction.

3: Teaching Practice and Learning Environment was demonstrated through a portfolio entry that focused on interactions between the teacher and their students.

4: Effective and Reflective Practitioner was demonstrated through a portfolio entry that required teachers to demonstrate evidence of their abilities to effectively plan and positively impact students' learning and growth.

National Board Certified teachers prove their effectiveness in the classroom every day. Decades of research shows that students of Board-certified teachers learn more than those without.

Through National Board Certification, teachers hone their practice, showcase their talents and demonstrate their dedication to their students and their profession.

By earning or renewing their National Board Certification, these teachers have demonstrated a commitment to excellence! 

The Board of Education and all of Franklin County Schools is grateful for their efforts.

Four ladies standing and smiling

Sylvia Allen, holding certificate, of Louisburg High School


Four adults standing and smiling

Kristy Crawford, holding certficate, of Louisburg Elementary School


Four adults stand and smile

Margaret Esselborn, holding certificate, of Franklinton High School


four adults standing and smiling

Valerie Hawthorne, holding certificate, of Cedar Creek Middle School


six adults stand and smile

Matthew Keith, holding certificate, of Bunn High School


five adults stand and smile

Claire Roehl, holding certificate, of Edward Best Elementary School


four adults standing and smiling

Kaitlyn Trotter, holding certificate, of Franklinton High School


NOT PICTURED: Alyssa Northburg, Edward Best Elementary School and Aria Lewis, Royal Elementary School