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FHS students share their thoughts during superintendent’s ‘table-talk’

Franklin County Schools Superintendent Dr. Rhonda Schuhler met with a panel of Franklinton High School students Tuesday, March 3rd to learn their opinions about their school. The session was part of FCS’ ongoing commitment to Raising the Bar for all students, while building Relationships that Matter.

The “table-talk” format provided Schuhler with unfiltered feedback about the students’ experiences at FHS. The panel of 12 students were 11th and 12th graders. Dr. Schuhler took the opportunity to get to know them and discuss their future plans. The students talked about their dreams to enter the professions of business, criminal justice, medicine, publishing, performing arts and sports management.

Schuhler listened to their positive comments about FHS. The school offers a tight-knit, family atmosphere where students establish relationships with peers, teachers and administrators that can last a lifetime, the student panel agreed. The also said the community and the school are steeped in tradition. They said the teachers are invested in the success of students and often go the “extra mile” to help them academically. Because the school has a family-like atmosphere, the students said they look out for each other and feel safe and comfortable.

In addition, Schuhler paid attention as the students described their opinions in regard to technology policies in the school that sometimes feel restrictive, particularly when it comes to cellphone usage and online searching capabilities with their school-assigned Chromebooks. Overall, however, the students seemed to agree they wouldn’t trade their time at FHS for any other school in any other district. In fact, several of the students said they had previously attended schools in other districts and said their experience has been much better in FCS and FHS.

Schuhler provided detailed answers to their questions about district growth and planning, dealing with stressful situations, multitasking, academic pathways and career development.


several high school students laugh and listen

12 high school students seated around tables talking and listening to an adult female