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‘Life is Good’ at LMES, students tell superintendent

Dr. Rhonda Schuhler, superintendent of Franklin County Schools, listened to eight students during a February 11th table-talk who seemed to agree that “Life is Good” at Laurel Mill Elementary School.

Dr. Schuhler described her 27 years of experience in public education, as a teacher, principal, human resources director and superintendent. She also explained the role of the superintendent, as well as the structure of the school district, which encompasses 16 schools and covers 500 square miles.

Schuhler listened as the students described their academic and career goals. She also provided them with sound counsel on some of the best options for them to achieve success. The students cited career goals like author, teacher and scientist.

The students represented grades 3 to 5 and had the opportunity to ask her questions, learn and voice their opinions about what is good and what could be improved at their school.

They did say that they would like to see improvements in things like the length of the lunch period and new nets for the outdoor basketball courts.

Yet, overall, they all agreed that Life is Good at LMES because of the family-like environment, availability of technology, caring teachers, cool mascot and system for dealing with issues like bullying that creates an atmosphere of safety and caring from the teachers and administrators.

Eight elementary school students standing with an adult female