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Farm Bureau Donates $1,500 to Agricultural Classroom Teacher

Cedar Creek Middle School agricultural teacher Morgan Meadows receive 1,500 dollars from the Franklin County North Carolina Farm Bureau to use towards supplies in her classroom. Mr.Steve Nelms, president of the Franklin County Farm Bureau Board presented Ms. Meadows with the check.

This is just one way the Farm Bureau supports Franklin County Schools. The organization donates time in the classroom and monetary funds for activities across the district which help promote agriculture. 
The Farm Bureau's Women's Committee Chair Kimberly Stewart told the class today that, "Agriculture is the number one industry in North Carolina. Without it, we wouldn't have food." School Nutrition Training Manager Liesa Seligman pointed out, "It even provides us clothes, even paper." 
Mrs. Laureen Jones, Franklin County School's Career and Technical Education Director, also spoke to students about the opportunity of having a program like agriculture at Cedar Creek Middle. Mrs. Jones was instrumental in writing the grant that landed the school the only program of its kind in the County.
Ms. Meadows had two special visitors during the presentation. The first was her professor from the University of Mount Olive, Mr. Tim Warren, the Director of Agricultural Facility Operations. He was excited to see his former student so successful in her position and told the class, "100% of the students in our agricultural program find jobs after graduation." The other was Kaleb Wilson, a North Carolina State Future Farmer's of America (FFA) vice president. He is from the FFA West Columbus chapter but, made the trip just to congratulate Ms. Meadows on the honor.