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  • Blackboard Communications is how Franklin County Schools communicates to parents and guardians about inclement weather, schools closings, delays and bus changes. If you receive an email, text or call from the Blackboard Communications system, it contains important information.

    By signing up for Blackboard Communications, you will receive information from multiple sources through one convenient app. Franklin County Schools, as well as your child's school administrators and teachers will send you vital updates and information. You can also check grades and track attendance from the same place. 

    In order to to get started, you need a PowerSchool Parent Portal Account

    To get one, stop by your child's school. Please bring a photo ID with you to get your access code. Each student needs their own code, but you can link all of your children into one, simple account. Make sure you update your email address and mobile phone number with the school's data manager during that time.

    Once you have access to your PowerSchool Parent Portal Account, download the “Franklin County Schools NC” app from the app store. Login by clicking the Parent Login icon on the app and by using the email address you used to set up your Powerschool Parent Account. If you used a gmail/google email then choose sign in using Google. If you used a non Google account, type in your email and follow the prompts.


    • Make sure you "Opt-In" to receive text messages. Instructions are HERE.
    • To download our app and receive teacher messaging and choose how you receive communication from us (phone, email, text, etc.) please follow the instructions HERE.
    • If you need instructions on how to create a PowerSchool Parent Portal Account, please click HERE.

     If you are a member of the community (and not a parent or legal guardian). You can still receive updates from us by downloading the app and configuring your notification settings.