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Parents' Bill of Rights

The Parents’ Bill of Rights (SL 2023-106) signed into law on August 16, 2023, gives parents certain rights in their child’s education. Franklin County Schools has addressed this legislation in new as well as existing policy and procedures. You can access all of our policies here.  

§115C-76.25 which outlines parent legal rights for their child's education states in section (b), “Public school units shall (i) allow parents to exercise these rights and (ii) make the rights contained in this section available to parents electronically or by displaying the information on the website of the public school unit.”

Policies specific to the above legislation are linked to the corresponding parent rights below.

  • Make decisions for participation in reproductive health and safety education programs.  (Policies 3540, 1310/4002)

  • Seek exemptions from immunization requirements. (Policy 4110)

  • Review statewide standardized assessment results. (Policy 3410)

  • Request an evaluation of their child for identification as a child with a disability or as academically or intellectually gifted. (Policy 3520)

  • Inspect and purchase textbooks and other supplementary instructional materials. (Policies 3200, 3210, 3540)  

  • Access information on promotion and retention, including high school graduation requirements. (Policies 3420, 3460)

  • Receive regular report cards that show academic performance, conduct, and attendance. (Policy 1310/4002)

  • Access information on the State public education system. (Policy 1310/4002)

  • Participate in parent-teacher organizations. (Policy 1310/4002)

  • Opt-in to participation in protected student information surveys in accordance with State law and opt-out of data collection in other surveys in accordance with federal law.  (Policies 1310/4002, 4720)

  • Review available records of materials their child borrowed from a school library.  (Policy 1310/4002

Franklin County Schools is committed to partnering with our parents in their child’s education to ensure that each child receives the best education he or she deserves. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns about your child’s education in our school system.