Dr. David Wstbrook

Dr. David Westbrook

  • Royal Families,

    I am excited to be your new principal.  Your stellar reputation as a talented and devoted school community has preceded our formal introduction and I am eager to get to know everyone.  Teaching high school English at was my first educational position.  I taught for 6 years before joining the administrative ranks and I often still miss everyday teaching.  To me, there is nothing more inspiring and energizing than the development of young minds in a classroom.

    Openness, good humor, passion, professionalism, and diligence are qualities that you can expect to find in me.  You should expect that I will emulate a growth mindset and that I will expect rigorous challenge and graceful intervention to be key characteristics of good educational practice.  My work is to serve the best interests of all children.  Therefore and necessarily, I will be deliberate and patient before making any necessary changes such as; strategy development, resource application, school policy or procedure adjustment.  You will find my door and my ears open for you.

    As we have transitioned to a new school year, it is necessary for us to build relationships through communication and mutual respect.  Our new modes of communicating over technology during these difficult times may be difficult for some in our community, so I am open to hearing from you if/when we should improve our messaging.

    I am humbled and grateful to be joining the team at Royal.  Together, we will make the school a great place to work and learn by giving our best to children each day.


    Warmest Regards,


    David C. Westbrook, Ed.D

  • David Westbrook, Principal

    Email: Davidwestbrook@fcschools.net

    Twitter: @dcwprincipal

    Phone: 919-496-7377