Find Out First



    FindOutFirst is how Franklin County Schools communicates to parents.  This is one way we will relay inclement weather, schools closings, delays and bus changes. If you receive a FindOutFirst email, text or call from the school system, it contains important information.

    Read through the instructions below and make sure you register for a FindOutFirst account!



    1. From the homepage, click User Options and choose Register.


    2. Please enter your birthdate and Submit


    3. Complete the registration fields:

    First Name

    Last Name

    Phone (Mobile Phone is BEST if you have one)

    FAX (please use student ID number) If you already signed up and did not do this, email me your student ID number if you are unable to update your information)

    Email Address


    Password, Confirm Password

    Check the “I agree” statement and Submit


    4. Click sign-in to complete the process of registration and enter the username and password for the account.  (Some bubbles may pop up to help you understand the layout of the site, which you can close and investigate later.)


    5. Click User Options and choose My Account.


     6. Click Subscriptions and Manage Subscriptions.


    7. On the Sites tab, select appropriate school for student.


    8. On the Other Areas tab, select any notifications relevant to information desired.  (Please select District News and Media for inclement weather updates and other important information).


    9. Click I’m Done.