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  • Franklin County Schools

    School Improvement Plan



    School Name:  Franklinton Elementary

    Principal: Melissa Richardson

    Part 1:

    Conduct a Comprehensive Needs Assessment (Timeline: March-May 2018)

    • Step 1: Identify your School Improvement Team (SIT)
      • School staff and parent representatives shall constitute a school improvement team and the team shall be elected by their respective groups by secret ballot.
      • Parents shall be elected by parents of children enrolled in the school in an election by either the parent/teacher organization or the largest organization of parents formed specifically for the election.
      • Parents, serving on school improvement teams shall reflect the racial and socioeconomic composition of the students enrolled in the school and shall NOT be members of the building-level staff.
      • Team meetings shall be held at convenient times to assure substantial parent participation.
      • All school improvement plans shall be data-driven.
      • Shall include a duty-free lunch period for every teacher.
      • The principal shall submit plan to the local board of education only if the proposed school improvement plan has the approval of a majority of the staff who voted on the plan.

    School Improvement Team Member (s)


    Melissa Richardson


    Larranda Trader

    Assistant Principal

    Benita Arrington

    Literacy Instructional Coach

    Teri Aycock

    Math Instructional Coach

    Harolyn Harvey

    School Counselor

    Olivia Cash


    Moneta Redecker


    Veronica Wolkan


    Jessica Volk


    Lesley Tanner


    David Gentry


    Crystal Adulia

    Parent Representative

    • Step 2: Understand and Assign Tasks

    Ensure all understand the purpose and desired outcomes of the process

    What do we want to accomplish?   How do we facilitate the process?   What are the time constraints?

    Identify roles and responsibilities for each team member that ensures…

        • A wealth of data sources are gathered
        • Open, honest, and non-biased collaboration occurs
    • Step 3: Collect and Organize Data

    Establish a plan for gathering and processing data

    Data Sources

    • Student Achievement Data
    • Curriculum and Instruction
    • Professional Development
    • Technology
    • Family/Community Involvement
    • Early Childhood Assessment Data
    • Teacher Quality
    • School (e.g., culture, climate, organization)
    • Perceptions
    • Longitudinal data is also an important consideration (examination of progress over time, patterns and trends)

    Collection of Data

      • Establish a detailed plan or roadmap
      • What data is missing?  What are the essential questions to ask to ensure data reflects the entire school?
      • How should the data be organized?
    • Where do achievement gaps exist?  
    • Collection of Valid and Reliable Data (e.g. surveys, focus groups)
    • Use of consistent worded survey items
    • Develop scripts for focus groups that are followed carefully
    • Use trained interviewers to reduce biases in data collection
    • Step 4: Analyze the Data

    Data analysis based upon perceptual data, professional development, technology, etc. can be gathered and analyzed prior to EOG/EOC results. Current EOG/EOC data will be analyzed as part of the FCS  Leadership Planning Session on June 19, 2018. Address any achievement gaps revealed in the data.

    Strengths Based Upon Data:

    Areas of Concern Based Upon Data:

    Increased math and science scores, based on EOG results.

    Literacy remains an area of concern for Franklinton Elementary. There is minimum growth in vocabulary and comprehension strategies to enhance student growth.

    Parent Communication has improved, according to school event parent attendance records.

    Students cross grade level struggle with written comprehension strategies.

    Weekly PLC meetings to discuss and analyze student assessment data, lesson planning, and student work samples.

    Technology infusion effectively to engage students in the learning process.

    Master schedule with built in intervention times, along with 90 minute uninterrupted ELA Blocks.

    Communication efforts with parents that focus on student learning needs and instructional practices.

    Historical EOG Data Franklinton Elementary

    Academic Year

    School Composite

    Performance Grade

    Growth Projection















    Part 2: Complete the School Improvement Plan (May-August 2018)

    Each school should have 3-4 goals, each aligned to the strategic plan. These goals should be SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound). These goals should be based upon a comprehensive needs assessment conducted by the School Improvement Team.  

    School Vision: Franklinton Elementary a place where all students can Soar towards academic excellence, enhance students social and emotional needs in a safe and orderly environment.


    School Mission:  Franklinton Elementary strives to create student leaders for the future.


    FCS Blueprint Goal:

    FCS Blueprint Objective(s)


    School Goal(s)

    (Must be measurable):

    Strategies/Action Steps to Meet Goal:



    (include funding source)

    Person(s) responsible for monitoring/


    Timeline for Monitoring/


    Artifacts/Evidences of Successful Completion

    FCS will demonstrate proficiency in Reading.

    Increase overall percentage to students proficient in reading to 75%

    Franklinton Elementary will increase student proficiency to 50 % in Reading using NC Ready EOG scores by June 2019 for 3rd -5th grade.

    Weekly PLC meetings for 45 minutes to discuss student progress, lesson planning, student work samples analyzed, etc.

    90 minutes evidenced based literacy instructional practices

    Depth of Literacy Stations focused around individual student learning needs for all students.

    MTSS/Interventions will be utilized to classify student into learning tiers based on academic/behavioral needs.

    Vocabulary focused instruction for K-5 students in all content areas.

    Effective Professional Development on a monthly basis to engage staff in instructional growth. followed by Coaching/Modeling sessions from IC’s. FES has scheduled the following PD:

    • Anchor Charts 9/12/18
    • Daily Five 10/11/18
    • Literacy in Action 11/19/18
    • Daily Five Session 2 12/12/18

    Guided Reading/Daily five Center Rotations

    FCS Curriculum Guides ELA

    Computer Lab/Chromebooks will be used to supplement classroom instructional practices 45 minutes per day for 5 days per week.

    Case 21 Benchmark Data

    STAR Reading

    3rd Grade BOG Scores

    PLC Agenda

    FES Instructional Priorities

    Study Island/Edmentum


    Moby Max


    FCS Curriculum Units

    Melissa Richardson

    Benita Arrington

    Larranda Trader

    Classroom Teachers

    September 2018

    October 2018

    January 2019

    May 2019

    June 2019

    Title I Night 9/17/18

    Case 21 Benchmark BOY-EOY

    Progress Reports

    Report Cards

    Star Reading 4th and 5th grades


    NC Reading EOG scores

    FCS will demonstrate proficiency in Math.

    FCS will demonstrate overall proficiency in mathematics for all students to 75%.

    Franklinton Elementary will increase student proficiency in Mathematics to 72% using the NC Ready EOG scores for 3 -5 by June 2019.

    Math Instruction will be 60 minutes from grades K-5.


    Math Centers,  along with guided math and constructed response problems will be incorporated in all classrooms.

    Weekly Professional Learning Communities to review EOG, CWA data, and sharing of instructional practices that have been successful in other teachers classrooms.

    Math Instructional Coach will model lessons with classroom teachers.

    Monthly Professional Development will be provided that aligns with current data trends for FES.

    Case 21 Benchmark Data

    STAR Math

    Schoolnet Assessments

    PLC Agenda

    FES Instructional Priorities

    Edmentum/Study Island

    Melissa Richardson

    Larranda Trader

    Teri Aycock

    Classroom Teachers

    October 2018

    January 2019

    May 2019

    June 2019

    Case 21 Benchmark BOY-EOY

    Progress Reports

    Report Cards

    Star Reading/Math 4th and 5th grades

    Schoolnet Assessments bi-weekly

    NC Math EOG scores

    FCS will demonstrate proficiency in 21st Century Skills.


    Franklinton Elementary will increase student science scores to 70% proficiency using the 5th grade Science EOG scores.

    Plan cooperatively with 5th grade teachers and district science coach.

    Identify and create word walls that surrounds descriptive vocabulary.

    Engage and introduce students to STEM-like activities while exploring hands on science content.

    Science Data

    PLC Agenda

    Science Lab Activities

    David Gentry

    Melissa Richardson

    Larranda Trader

    Benita Arrington

    Teri Aycock


    October 2018

    January 2019

    May 2019

    June 2019

    Case 21 Science Benchmark

    Science Journals

    Stem Actives



    Statement of Assurances/SIP Team Signatures:

    The School Improvement Team has a plan in place to provide duty-free lunch to our teachers.

    Principal Signature: Melissa Richardson, Principal Date: August 31, 2018

    The school staff has voted on the proposed School Improvement Plan, and the majority of staff agree with the plan.

    Principal Signature: Melissa Richardson, Principal Date: August 31, 2018

    I was actively involved in the School Improvement Process at our school.

    Signatures of School Improvement Team Members:

    Part 3: Review the School Improvement Plan Prior to Submission (August 2018)

    When the plan is submitted to the district level for review, the “FCS School Improvement Plan Rubric” will be used as the criteria by which this will be evaluated. Please take time to review your plan in relation to the rubric to ensure that the plan is completed at a high level.


    Part 4: Submit the Plan to the District for Review (August 31, 2018)

    Please forward the electronic version of the plan to Dr. Baldwin via email by August 31, 2018

    Please forward a hard copy of the plan, with statement of assurances (duty-free lunch, attestation of staff vote) and signatures of SIP team members, along with a hard copy of the plan, to Dr. Baldwin’s office by August 31, 2018.


    Part 5: District Plan Review (by September 28, 2018)

    Plan will be reviewed at the district level utilizing the “FCS School Improvement Plan Rubric.” Feedback will be given and appropriate adjustments made.


    Part 6: Plan Presented to Board (at October 2018 FCS Board Meeting)