• Unmatched Teacher Support

    Our beginning and veteran teachers have a network of support that most school systems can't imagine. At the district level, the Office of Professional Learning oversees the Beginning Teacher Support Program and the Master Teacher Mentorship Program. Additionally, each new teacher will receive targeted professional development support based on their area of focus and schools assign personal mentors as an additional layer of support.

  • Innovative Programs

    Our community of partnering organizations is a vital component to the success of our students. Industry and local government leaders are actively involved in our schools and help provide the real-world experiences our students need to be competitive. Teachers have access to some of the world's top leaders in science, technology, engineering, and math fields, paired with a hometown attitude that makes everyone feel welcome.

  • A Pipeline for Leaders

    With more than 8,400 students and 1,100 full-time staff members, Franklin County Schools is the largest employer in Franklin County. We know that good leadership begins with great people, that's why FCS invests in its employees so that we can continue to build strong school leaders for years to come.