Principal Weekly Messages

  • Exams will begin on Monday, June 3rd.  We will have a morning and afternoon session on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.  Thursday we will have a morning session and an afternoon session for those that need to make up an exam.  We will also have a makeup session, Friday, June 7th in the morning.  Buses will run at their regular time with the exception of Friday.  Buses will run at 11:45 on Friday.  Please be mindful that if a student misses an exam, they must get permission from the principal to make up that exam.  Students that do have a morning exam but has an afternoon exam needs to report to school at 11:45.  They do not have to check-in. They are to report to the cafeteria until they are released to their testing room.  

    Students that have a morning and not an afternoon exam can check out of school when the exam session is completed.  They must bring a note and give the note to their exam teacher that morning.  We will not be accepting phone calls to release students from school, so please provide your child with a note each day. The dress code is still in effect.  If a student is out of the dress code, they will not be allowed in the exam room. Pajamas are not allowed.  Students arriving late may have to make up the exam during one of the make-up session.  Good luck to your child as they finish the year.

    Thank you,

    Daniel Wright