• PBIS at Bunn Elementary School


    Bunn Elementary is a PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention and Support) school. It is a tiered behavior model that focuses on prevention. Tier 1 is the primary prevention level with school wide systems in place for all students and staff in all settings. Tier 2 is the secondary prevention level with specialized prevention systems for students with at risk behaviors (one or two discipline referrals). Tier 3 is the tertiary prevention level with individualized systems for students with at risk behaviors (multiple discipline referrals). PBIS defines expectations. Students are taught the correct behaviors. Instructions are framed positively, such as saying “walk in the hall, instead of saying don’t run in the hall”. Classes earn a paw for the correct behavior. When a class has earned 50 paws they receive a reward as a class. The school wide system is also defined on a matrix, using the acronym ROAR. Students learn that wildcats ROAR and recite the expectations each morning.


    BES PBIS matrix