Parent Information/Discipline

      Parent Request for Financial Assistance

      • Financial Assistance Form

        Parents or guardians may complete this form if they are unable to pay for required school expenses.  The school will seek donations from outside sources on behalf of the student(s) in order to cover any incurred expenses. Click the link above to access the form.


      • Any FCECHS student engaged in a fight (as defined in the Franklin County Schools Student Code of Conduct) on any Franklin County Schools/Vance-Granville Community College campus or any school sponsored activity will be dismissed from the Early College high School.  


      • Any student discovered selling, possessing, under the influence, using, purchasing and distributing an illicit substance or alcohol on any Franklin County Schools/Vance-Granville Community Campus or any school sponsored activity, will be dismissed from the Early College High School.  In the event an infraction has occurred, law enforcement will be notified.

      Gang Activity

      •  Any student who is known to be affiliated with a gang and his/her actions disrupts the educational process or disrupts the school climate will be dismissed from the Early College.  This may include distributing, selling items that are related to gang affiliation, flashing gang signs, displaying clothing, emblems, or symbols, planning or promoting activities that are gang related.


      • Any student who is found in possession of a weapon with the purpose of committing harm to another individual will be dismissed from the early college high school.  A weapon may include a gun, knife, antipersonnel spray or any other device used or intended to be used to cause bodily harm to another individual.

      Inappropriate Items

        1. Inappropriate items can be confiscated and returned at the discretion of school personnel.  
        2. The school will not be responsible for confiscated items.
        3. A parent may be required to pick up any item confiscated from a student with the exception of weapons or illegal controlled substances.  These items will be turned over to the appropriate law officials.
        4. Electronic devices (such as Cell Phones, IPods, MP3 Players, games, etc.) will be confiscated if they are seen, used, listened to, or make noise in any place in the school.  Playing cards, dice, inappropriate magazines, and chemical enablers (mace, pepper spray, etc.) are just a few examples of items that students may not bring on campus.
        5. Cell phones are permissible if they remain from view and not heard during the course of the school day unless sanctioned by the class teacher for educational purposes. (must be registered)
        6. A student may bring their own device (computer) for educational purposes, but it must be registered with FCS before it can be used.