Office Assistants

    • Office Assistants:  Third year and beyond students who have a free period in the instructional day may be assigned to work in the front office. This is strictly volunteer on the student’s behalf. However, students must meet requirements of academic and social behaviors to be selected to work in the front office and are required to always be in dress code. There is no eating at the front office window at any time. No students will hang out and socialize while working. SA will answer phone calls and provide direction to visitors and direct them to sign in at the computer.
    • They will not have access to any confidential information to include PS and grades. An application is required.


Teacher Assistant

    • Teacher Assistants:  Students in their third year with a free block embedded in the instructional day may serve as TA. These students are approved by the teacher and will be required to report daily without exception. They will support the teacher by organizing papers and other details of the classroom, tutoring students, monitoring students (No TA is to be left alone with students for more than five minutes), as well as assisting in grading and distributing work. TAs will not have access to students’ information to include PS and will not record grades for teacher. TAs will not discipline any students. Attendance is taken daily and a quarterly evaluation is completed by the teacher and submitted to the principal. TA’s earn a .50 credit for this class support. An application is required.

Eagle Mentor

    • Eagle Mentor: A high school junior, senior, or super senior more experienced person who can provide guidance, information and support to their younger peers at FCECHS. 
    • An EAGLE Mentor does not take the place of a school administrator, guidance counselor, parent or adult.  Mentors give those with less experience an opportunity to improve their understanding of practices, discuss problems, analyze and learn from mistakes in an atmosphere that is collaborative, constructive, and confidential. An application is required.


Eagle Tutor

    • Eagle Tutor: A student who is a sophomore, junior, senior, or super senior more experienced individual who have excelled academically and willing to support and provide academic guidance to their younger peer at FCECHS. An application is required.

Recruitment Team

    • Recruitment Team: Any current student can be on the recruitment team.  The principal selects who serves on the recruitment team. The student must be an example amongst his/her peers at EC and not afraid to speak in public.

United Way of Franklin County Supporter

    • United Way of Franklin County Supporter: There are many service opportunities available with United Way.  Build a backpack program, tutoring/volunteer through Boys & Girls Club, Day of Caring in the spring, Ramp building for the disabled in the community, food pantries and Christmas Toy Collection. Also reach out to connect with ways of giving in the local community.