Bryson Bridges, Franklin County Early College High School

  • Bryson Bridges is already a phenomenal person but will undoubtedly be successful because his heart is in the right place. Bryson has been a math tutor and volunteer for several charities. The future medical doctor wants to give back and help people. Bryson, a super senior at Early College High School, is considering UNC-Chapel Hill, ECU, or Florida State to pursue his Biology degree with a minor in Psychology. Then it's on to MED school for Emergency Medicine. As a student in his high school Psychology class, he instantly fell in love with the profession. He credits Ms. Katelyn Jones as one of his inspirations. "She was the first teacher I met, and she has been there from the beginning and assisted with challenges," says Bryson. Overcoming his own mental health challenges has sparked his interest and desire to study the profession and assist others through that process. Bryson has a 4.33 weighted GPA and is a finalist for the Questbridge Scholarship.