• Success is literally in her DNA! Her brother, a current NC State student. Her sister, a graduate of NC State with a Masters in Microbiology. Her father, former college football player for NC State.

    Enya Jones got next in the succession of Franklin County turned NC State scholars. Raised and living on a farm versed her on the discipline and work ethic needed to exceed expectations. Her family has a store at the Raleigh Farmers Market, where she is a cashier. Their local farm produces pigs, chickens, ducks, and cows, where Enya has given tours since she was eight years old. Mr. Ranes, her AP Literature teacher who has taught all three siblings, says, "Enya has a different perspective on literature. She is a great disciplined writer." Despite the challenges of throat surgery this school year, Enya's grades never wavered. In fact, she is ranked number two in her class with a 4.42 GPA. She is the senior class president of Louisburg High School (LHS) and President of the LHS National Honor Society.

    Notwithstanding throat surgery, Enya said the most significant challenge she has faced this year was losing 100 lbs and maintaining that weight loss amid a pandemic. She contributes it to exercise and a no soda diet as the biggest factors. That same discipline helped her advance on the swim and tennis teams. As a sophomore, Enya was the Most Valuable Player on the tennis team. Enya plans to follow the other Wolf Pack's footsteps in her family and study Business at NC State University.