• Austin Layton - Senior President

    Hello all,


    My name is Austin Layton and I am a rising Senior at LHS. I’ve been in SGA for the past 3 years (my Freshman, Sophomore, and Junior years). Last year, I was the Junior Class President. Due to the pandemic taking over this past year, we weren’t able to do as much, but I still put my all into the events that took place, such as the Senior Breakfast. In previous years, I have dedicated a ton of time into helping with decorations, spirit week, planning for new events, and helping with pep rallies and homecoming. I have some fun ideas for the pep rallies and spirit weeks! I thoroughly enjoyed myself these last 3 years with the other officers. Although I have no control over the decision of you all, I would absolutely love to continue being a representative on behalf of the Class of 2022 and the entire student body. 



  • Lanna Issa - Junior President

    My name is Lanna Issa and I am a sophomore at LHS. I am a STEM student, a newly accepted member of NHS, and a member of the Kindness Club. I am running for the Junior class president position in the SGA. As president, I would be able to provide some positive changes that you want to see in LHS. I will do what I can to assist students,  fix issues, and make the changes that students want to see. As I have learned and grown, much like all of you, I have obtained skills that would allow me to work with the rest of the SGA members to benefit the school, such as communication, leadership, and problem-solving skills. The use of these skills, the SGA members, and you as my peers would help me to positively impact the school. Vote for me for positive change!

    Thank you.

  • Sommer Cooper - Junior President

    Hello, my name is Sommer Cooper and I'm running for Junior Class President. I want to be Class president because I would like to further develop my leadership and communication skills and be part of a team to come up with amazing and fun ideas for the school to do. I would like to close with saying that I am excited to be part of the running for Class President for the Junior class.

  • Jeremiah Crotts - Junior Vice President

    Hi, I am Jeremiah Crotts, I am currently a sophomore, and I am running for Junior class Vice President for SGA. I am running because I know I have what it takes to be the Junior class VP for LHS. Winning the title of being Vice President will be an honor for me and I will not let my fellow SGA crew down, nor the students and staff here at LHS.

  • Evelyn Sarpong

  • Jessica Foster - Sophomore President

    Hey, Warriors! It’s Jessica Foster, and I am running to be your Sophomore Class
    President for the 2021-2022 school year! I was also the Freshman Class President for
    the 2020-2021 school year, and due to COVID, there wasn’t much that we could do, but
    I'm really excited for all the great events we can have for this upcoming school year
    like spirit week, homecoming, and so much more! As class president, I want to be the
    voice for all sophomores and hear all of your ideas for fun activities and events that
    you want to see in the upcoming school year.
    So make sure to get success, choose the best, and vote Jess for your sophomore class
    president! Go warriors!

  • Lacey Medlin - Sophomore Vice President

  • Caroline Holt - Sophomore Vice President

    Hi, I’m Caroline Holt and I’m running to be the Sophomore class Vice President. I’m very excited to have a normal school year next and I would be a good candidate for the position because I’d love to get more involved with the student body!