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    TLMS will continue to:

    BE BETTER this year than we were last year

    BE BETTER this month than we were last month

    BE BETTER this week than we were last week

    BE BETTER today than we were yesterday.


    Good evening TLMS Families, this is your principal Eric Betheil with the first official version of the Tornado Warnings for the 2021-2022 school year as we welcome the class of 2028 to TLMS.  We are looking forward to a good year with the students and getting back in the building to start the year.  I will begin sending out my weekly messages as school approaches and we need to push information out to you and your children.  If you don’t get a message it simply means there was nothing to send out.  

    Hopefully you have enjoyed your summer up to this point as we have just under a month, August 23, until students report back to school.  I know I have taken the time so far to spend it with family travelling a bit and spending a week in the Outer Banks.   Let us know what you have been up to this summer by tweeting some pics or just an update @tlmstornados .  Looking forward to hearing and seeing what everyone is up to.:

    Tonight’s message focuses on technology.  More information on open house, school supplies (see our website), and general opening information will be shared later this week.  

    ALL students using school-issued devices must pay the annual $10 technology usage fee as well as have a current parent signature on the 2021-2022 Chromebook Agreement by the TENTH day of school (September 7). Student devices will be disabled if this is not completed by the deadline. All prior damage fees must also be paid off by September 7.  Devices will be disabled if prior fees are not paid off. 


    Please join us in the auditorium at Louisburg High School on July 29th from 2-7pm to purchase insurance for your device. This night is for ALL students in grade K-12 within the Louisburg Corridor. Insurance is optional but highly recommended! If you are interested in purchasing the optional device insurance for the 2021-2022 school year, you must bring your current device and charger to Insurance Night.  Device inspection is REQUIRED for ChromeCare warranty to be purchased. The cost of the optional device insurance is $26 for this school year.

    You will also be able to pay the annual $10 technology usage fee and get your parent to sign off on the annual Chromebook agreement at Device Insurance Night. The Chromebook agreement can be found online at bit.ly/fcs-cba to print it off and sign prior to Insurance Night. Exact cash or check will be accepted.

    Device Night 


    Open House at TLMS is on August 19th from 5-7pm. 

    Technology will have a table set up to collect the annual $10 technology usage fee and to get parent signatures on the annual Chromebook agreement. This agreement can also be found online at bit.ly/fcs-cba to print it off and sign prior to Open House.

    Please be aware that social distancing and masks are required inside all FCS facilities. 

    Thank you for all you do and enjoy the rest of your week.

    Eric Betheil, Principal TLMS

    Mission: To BE BETTER TLMS will work to ensure that the school community is: Teaching with purpose,Learning together, Motivating students, Strengthening our community