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    TLMS will continue to:

    BE BETTER this year than we were last year

    BE BETTER this month than we were last month

    BE BETTER this week than we were last week

    BE BETTER today than we were yesterday.


    Good evening TLMS Families, this is your principal Eric Betheil with some important information for you and your Terrell Lane student as we begin week 2 of Plan B.   We will work to communicate as best we can through School Messenger and the TLMS website.  All information on here can be found on our website.    

    • Reminder to families that this week we are on a holiday schedule.  Monday 11/23 will be for Cohort A and Tuesday 11/24 will be for Cohort B.  All students will be working remotely on Wednesday 11/25.    No school on Thursday and Friday.  
    • Families that are coming through carpool in the morning, all students will be dropped off in the front of the building no earlier than 8:15.  There will be staff out there screening students and taking their temperature.  Staff will be stationed throughout the building to assist students with where they need to go upon entering the building.
    • If you’re child is  riding the bus on either Cohort A or Cohort B please make sure to turn in your Transportation Contract this week.  You can access it in the Plan B Guidance, by clicking here, or by asking your bus driver.  These contracts are due this  week and can be turned in to the driver or the teacher.  
    • Afternoon carpool will be in two locations as it has in previous years.  6th grade parents should enter the gym parking lot via Terrell Lane.  As the carpool line may get long we ask that you turn around in the bus lot and only make a right turn into the parking lot for pick up.  7th and 8th grade parents should pick up in the front of the building.  There will be 2 lines for pick up so please make sure to pull forward and listen to the staff that is out there.  No parents are to park their cars in the lot and have students come across the lots.  All students should be picked up through carpool lines.  
    • Please use the link to access our Plan B Guidance for Parents and Students.  If you have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out to me or other staff via email.  We will do our best to get back to you quickly.  REMINDER that we begin Plan B with face to face instruction next week.  Please make sure you are aware of what cohort your child is on based on the letters that went home or phone call you received.  
    • While we had some students that were not successful in the first marking period, teachers will be contacting students with a Contract for Success.  This contract will put the responsibility on the student in the 2nd 9 weeks to be successful.  If he/she is successful in the 2nd 9 weeks teachers will work with them to bring their average for the 1st 9 weeks up so they can pass for the semester.  We want students to succeed, but we need them to realize their responsibility in that success.


    Thank you for your attention to this and your participation in filling out the survey.  

    Eric Betheil

    Principal, TLMS