Website Disclaimer

  • Website Disclaimer

    Purpose and Policy

    The Purpose of Bunn High School website is to provide helpful information to our community. Information regarding our school curriculum, instruction, school activities, athletics, clubs and other general information that’s related to Bunn High and our mission.

    Content on our website such as text, pictures, logos, images, videos, audio recordings, syllabus and canvas info and etc., is solely the property of Bunn High School. These pages and any parts of pages should not be copied or reproduced without permission.


    Our website is designed with hyperlinks attached within sections of the site. These links will allow you to leave our school website. Bunn High School nor Franklin County Schools district are not liable for any of the content, of any linked site, nor any changes or updates to such sites. Linked sites are not under control by Bunn High School or FCS. We provide such links as a convenience and does not imply any  endorsement from Bunn High or FCS.

    If you find any broken links, sites, pages and/or sections that no longer exist or if it’s outdated, please send an EMAIL.

    Please include a brief message with which school website and the address of the webpage in question. We will review your info and make the necessary changes.