2019 SECU Scholarship Information

  • Due to accessibility issues, the 2019 SECU Scholarship Application can not be posted on this website.  Students interested in applying to the SECU Scholarship will need to email tarasoutherland@fcschools.net to request the 2019 SECU Application WORD document that will need to be submitted for review.
    The SECU Scholarship is due to Mrs. Southerland in Guidance by 3 p.m onTuesday, March 19, 2019.  Seniors applying for this scholarship are to send the following information for this scholarship by email (include all information in one email) to tarasoutherland@fcschools.net using the subject SECU Scholarship Application.
     Completed applications include:The 2019 Student SECU Application must be sent as a Word Document only.  Please do not send as a PDF, Google Doc, or on any other shared drive.  Please Note:  For the Community Involvement Essay, students should answer the question. Do not submit a general college/scholarship essay.
     A copy of the recipient's University Acceptance Letter (the acceptance letter must be from one of 16 NC Public Universities. Students are to only submit the acceptance letter for the university that he/she will be attending on their student application .  This can be scanned and submitted as a PDF or JPEG.

    A photo of recipient. We do ask that the photo be a head shot only and is in color.  This can be submitted as a PDF or JPEG.

    A brief student bio written by the student noting his/her accomplishments and awards.  Guidelines for writing that bio have been attached to assist students in completing this task.

    The signed 2019 People Helping People Consent Form.  Each recipient of the scholarship and his/her parent must sign the Consent Form allowing the use of their names and images for press releases to the local news media as well as within State Employee's Credit Union and the SECU Foundation.  In addition, both parents and students will be asked to submit their social security numbers on the consent form to verify eligibility as a SECU member.

    SECU Foundation People Helping People

    Writing Guidelines

    People Helping People Consent Form

    Scholarship Eligibility Criteria

    Scholarship Submission Example

    Helpful Hints