• School Vision:

    We are a community school of choice!

    C - Character
    H - Honor
    O - Opportunity
    I - Inclusivity
    C - Compassion
    E - Excellence

    School Mission:

    FMS is a loving and caring school that empowers students to become lifelong learners and responsible citizens who are college and career ready.

    Core Value Statements:

    1. All children, regardless of race, ethnicity, socio-economic circumstances, or cognitive level, can grow and achieve.
    2. Strong professional learning communities that work together to share best practices and high quality materials and resources can reduce achievement gaps and raise growth levels for all students.
    3. Forging a strong collaborative relationship between the school, the  parents, and the community is crucial in achieving a well-rounded and balanced education that addresses each student’s needs
    4. A learning environment based on trust, integrity, and commitment is vital for student success.
    5. Discipline, safety, and accountability are an important part of developing a school culture that reflects intellectual, emotional, and social stability.

    School Improvement Team Members

    David Averette - Principal
    Heidi Boardman - Assistant Principal
    Stephen Beckstrand - FMS Parent
    David Hooper - 6th Grade Math
    David Downum - 8th Grade Social Studies
    Jimmie Smith - Band
    Tasha Hattan - Drama
    Rebecca Culver - Art
    Kim Faulkner - Media Coordinator
    Mary Moore - Counselor


    Meeting Dates 2018-2019

    (second Tuesday of each month) 

    September 11
    October 9
    November 13
    December 11
    January 8
    February 12
    March 12
    April 9
    May 14
    June 11




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