School Improvement Plan

  • Here is the link to the FMS School Improvement Plan:
    Username: GuestS16243
    Password:  GuestS16243

School Improvement Team Members:

  • Heidi Boardman - Principal

    Jennifer Giandenoto - Assistant Principal

    Jerri Terry - Instructional Coach

    Mary Gilbert - Counselor

    Kim Faulkner - Instructional Technology Facilitator

    Nadine Head - Science 8 Teacher

    David Downum - Social Studies 8 Teacher

    Hunter Jones - Social Studies 7 Teacher

    Sarah Downum - Science 6 Teacher

    Crystal Ardila - Parent





School Improvement Meeting Dates:

  • September 14

    October 12

    November 9

    December 14

    January 11

    February 8

    March 8

    April 12

    May 10

Our Vision, Our Mission, Our Core Values

  • Our Vision

    We are a community school of choice!

    R  Respectful
    A  Accountable
    M Motivated
    S  Safe
    C  Character
    H  Honor
    O  Opportunity
    I  Inclusivity
    C  Compassion
    E  Excellence

    Our Mission

    FMS is a vibrant and caring school that empowers students to become lifelong learners and responsible citizens who are college and career-ready.

    Core Value Statements

    • All children, regardless of race, ethnicity, socio-economic circumstances, or cognitive level, can grow and achieve.
    • Strong professional learning communities that work together to share best practices and high-quality materials and resources can reduce achievement gaps and raise growth levels for all students.
    • Forging a strong collaborative relationship between the school, the parents, and the community is crucial in achieving a well-rounded and balanced education that addresses each student’s needs.
    • A learning environment based on trust, integrity, and commitment is vital for student success.
    • Discipline, safety, and accountability are an important part of developing a school culture that reflects intellectual, emotional, and social stability.