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Inclement Weather Information

In the event of inclement weather, Franklin County Schools may close or delay school. This decision is made after consulting the National Weather Service, local weather forecasters, and area law enforcement officials. Additionally, FCS staff members drive throughout the county to assess road conditions firsthand to better determine accessibility of buses and personal transportation to roads necessary to travel to and from school.

Unless otherwise announced, schools will be open on their regular schedule – regardless of prior closures or delays. As soon as the decision is made, Franklin County Schools will do the following to notify our community:

  1.  Update our district website and official social media accounts
  2.  Notify our schools, which will typically update their own websites and main phone lines
  3.  Send emails, texts, and/or voice calls to parents and staff via district mass-communication system
  4.  Notify local radio and television stations

If the weather is severe enough to make a decision the day or night before, we will do so as soon as possible so that parents have ample time to make arrangements for their child(ren).

Unless otherwise noted, the following procedures will be followed in the event of a closing or delay.

Before and After-school Programs:

    1. If the opening of school is delayed, Before School child care will not operate.
    2. If school is closed, Before School and After School child care will not operate.
    3. If school is closed early due to inclement weather, After School child care will not operate.

Breakfast may be served at the principal's discretion if school is delayed one hour or more. Athletic and extracurricular events will be canceled if school is closed or dismissed early.

Employee Information

Please Note: FCS employees are expected to use their best judgment in deciding whether to come to work. They may take an annual leave day or make up the day at a time agreeable with their supervisor. Teachers cannot use leave on student days if schools are closed for students. On days that buildings are closed for staff, staff should not report on site.  

Inclement Weather Descriptions

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