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TEACH Program Signing Day

TEACH Program Signing Day

This past Thursday, we celebrated the commitment of six exceptional students joining our TEACH program, a pathway to becoming dedicated educators in Franklin County Schools.

Meet Our Future Educators:

- Mireya Santana-Aguilar

- Emma Hall

- Kylah Hitchcock

- Rhea Pepper

- Samantha Stepnowski

- Chloe Switzer

A special thanks to representatives from Vance Granville Community College and East Carolina University, as well as our board members, for their support in making this event a success.

📚 Our TEACH program, in collaboration with VGCC and ECU, prepares students through a comprehensive curriculum that includes associate degrees and prerequisite courses for ECU's Partnership Teach. Upon completion, our students will continue their education online with ECU, moving towards fulfilling their dream of teaching.

💼 As part of their journey, students will receive mentorship, participate in paid internships, and, upon graduation, have the opportunity to serve as instructional assistants while completing their degrees, with tuition funded through Federal Funds.

👩‍🎓 After obtaining their degree from ECU, graduates are guaranteed a teaching position within our schools, ensuring that they contribute positively to the next generation in Franklin County.

their educational journey!

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