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State Superintendent Catherine Truitt Visits Long Mill Elementary School

State Superintendent Catherine Truitt Visits Long Mill Elementary School

News Release: State Superintendent Catherine Truitt Visits Long Mill Elementary School

January 18th, 2024

Louisburg, NC - In a visit to Long Mill Elementary School, State Superintendent Catherine Truitt had the opportunity to further explore the important literacy development work taking place in Franklin County Schools.  Accompanied by other educational leaders, including NCDPI Regional Director Dr. Kendra King, Special Advisor for Principal Engagement Tabari Wallace, Special Advisor for Educator Engagement Julie Pittman and Senator Lisa Barnes, Superintendent Truitt engaged in a thorough exploration of the school's literacy instruction.

During her visit, Superintendent Truitt and her team observed various classrooms and connected with students, focusing on the implementation and effectiveness of literacy education at the elementary level. The visit provided valuable insights into students' daily educational experiences and the innovative teaching methods employed by the educators at Long Mill Elementary.

Following the classroom visits, an interactive teacher panel discussion was held, with time for questions and answers from the Superintendent Truitt. This discussion allowed for an in-depth conversation about the resources, programs, and surveys shaping education today. The teachers also gave feedback on key initiatives and strategies that will be valuable in guiding future educational strategies and policies at the state level.

The participation of Franklin County Schools Superintendent Dr. Rhonda Schuhler, Chief of Academics Dr. Lela Nichols, and Executive Director of Elementary Education Dr. Geoffrey Hawthorne further enriched the panel discussion. Their contributions highlighted the district's dedication to fostering academic excellence and supporting its educators.

State Superintendent Catherine Truitt and Senator Lisa Barnes expressed their profound impressions of the visit, commending the dedication, culture, and passion evident in Long Mill Elementary. "On behalf of Franklin County Schools, I would like to thank State Superintendent Truitt and her team, along with Senator Barnes, for visiting today. We have passionate, dedicated, effective educators in FCS, and their visit provided a great opportunity to experience this important work firsthand.”, says Superintendent Dr. Rhonda Schuhler.

Franklin County Schools continues to strive for excellence in education while cultivating a dynamic learning environment focused on success beyond the classroom, preparing, inspiring, and illuminating the path so that all students will reach their full potential.


Dawayne McIntosh