• Parent Involvement: 

    Your involvement plays a tremendous role in the success of your child’s education. We encourage you to get involved through our PTA and frequent communication with the staff via conference, phone calls, letters, and visits to the school. Please remember you will need to complete a volunteer form if you plan to accompany your child on a school trip or volunteer in the classroom. If you have already been approved, you are good to go. If not, please request a form, complete and return it as soon as possible. 

    Emergency Care: 

    Parent/Guardian Must Provide: 

    • The name and number of the student’s physician
    • The name and phone number of a relative or neighbor who may be contacted in an emergency
    • Information concerning a student’s particular physical disability or medical condition
    •  Parent/guardians’ location and phone number during the school day

    In the event of a serious injury or illness, if a parent cannot be reached, the 

    student will be transported by ambulance to the nearest hospital emergency 

    room. Please make sure the above information is provided and kept up to date.


    Students running fevers need to stay home to prevent the spreading of illness. If the fever is 100 degrees or more, the student is required to stay home 24 hours after the fever breaks. Notes must be sent within 3 days of students returning to be counted as excused.

    PE Classes:

    All students will be required to wear tennis shoes during PE class. Students will not be allowed to participate if not wearing them. Please keep in mind that your child does receive a PE grade and class participation is important. 

    Late Arrivals: 

    All students are expected to be in their assigned classrooms ready for instruction at 8:05. Parents must sign in any student arriving later than 8:05 before the student will be admitted to class. 

    Breakfast and Lunch Fees: 

    Breakfast – Free to students qualifying for free or reduced lunch. For students paying full price for lunch breakfast will cost - $1.25. Lunch – Full price - $2.35, reduced -.40. Milk - .50 Adults: al a carte. Students are responsible for paying for breakfast and lunch daily unless they qualify for free meals when completing a lunch application. An account has been set up for each student so money can be deposited on a weekly or monthly basis and as your child eats, the money is deducted from the account. It is very important that you send money to cover your child’s meals in order to maintain a zero balance. For a cost, you may go online to keep up with your child’s account. For more information go to www.fcschools.net 

    Food Safety Regulations:

    Due to increase of students with food allergies and increasing food safety concerns, all food items brought in from outside for classroom consumption must be store bought. These food items must be logged in at the office before going to the classroom. Homemade items are prohibited.

    Implementing Learning Strategies:

    In order for students to achieve success, specific learning strategies are taught to all students. These strategies are required on all work in all subject areas. Any work turned in not applying the strategies will be marked as incomplete. Students will have to complete the work during lunch, recess or after school. Please emphasize the importance of using these strategies to your children. 

    Student Handbook:

    Due to budget cuts the student handbook can be found on our school website listed above. If you do not have access to this and need a hard copy, please complete the form sent home with your child and return it to school. We will get a copy sent to you.

    EBES News and Important Dates:

    Information is posted at the same website listed above. Also, most dates are printed in the student agenda.