Student Reassignment

  • The board holds student reassignment meetings on a monthly basis or as needed, depending on the volume of transfers. Franklin County Schools recognizes four types of student transfers:

    • Employee
    • Grandfathered Majority to Minority
    • Senior Status (Grade 12)
    • Hardship/Medical

    Please direct all inquiries regarding student transfer/reassignment to Diane Marks.

    For more information regarding enrollment, assignment, and transfers, please visit our enrollment and assignment page.


    Diane Marks, Clerk to the Board & Student Assignment Coordinator
    Office: (919) 496-2600

    COVID-19 Update

    The Board of Education plans to meet concerning the submitted student reassignment requests following the COVID-19 closure. Parents, however, will not be attending the meeting. The board will make its reassignment decisions based upon the information in the documents provided by parents in relation to official FCS' policy on reassignment.

    During this time of school closure, FCS will not be available at the office to receive hand-delivered packets. However, student reassignment request packets may be sent to Mrs. Diane Marks via mail, email or fax.  

    The deadline to submit requests for student reassignments for the 2020-21 school year is May 31, 2020.