Board of Education

Board of Education
  • Meeting Location and Time

    The Franklin County Board of Education holds their regular meetings the second Monday of each month unless otherwise advertised. The meetings are held at Central Office Building A in room A107. Please see the address below.

    Franklin County Schools Central Office, Bldg. A

    53 W. River Road

    Louisburg, NC 27549

    Meetings begin at 7 PM and visitors have the opportunity for public comment at each regular meeting.

    Student Reassignment Information

    The board holds student reassignment meetings on a monthly basis or as needed, depending on the volume of transfers. Franklin County Schools recognizes four types of student transfers:

    • Employee
    • Majority to Minority
    • Senior Status
    • Hardship/Medical

    Please direct all inquiries regarding student transfer/reassignment to Diane Marks.

    For more information regarding enrollment, assignment, and transfers, please visit tour district enrollment and an assignment page.

    Board Clerk & Student Reassignment Coordinator

    Diane Marks
    Office: (919) 496-2600