• AP Human Geography Summer Assignment


    This summer you will prepare to study the world by establishing the geographical locations of the countries around the world. This assignment serves as a way to prepare for the vast amount of information you will encounter in AP Human Geography. This is due when school begins.


    Part One:

    There are many different issues that we will discuss in Human Geography. It helps to have a basic understanding of these issues prior to the course. Please research the following topics using reputable sources. Wikipedia is not considered to be a reputable source.


    For each issue, give detailed summary by explaining why it takes place, who is impacted and what are the pros and cons.

    • Gentrification in the U.S.
    • AIDS Epidemic in Sub-Saharan Africa
    • Apartheid in South Africa
    • Deforestation in Rainforests
    • Rust Belt and Deindustrialization in USA  
    • Genetically Modified Foods
    • NAFTA
    • Overpopulation in India
    • Out-migration from Venezuela to Columbia
    • Possibilism vs environmental determinism


    Part Two - Unit 1 Vocabulary Practice


    Using the link below, view only the Unit 1 Vocabulary. Become familiar with the terms (35 total) and for each give two real-life examples of each term in action. Using the Internet to find examples is a good way to complete this.


    Vocabulary Link



    Subsequent occupance is essential how a culture can be influenced by surroundings. A good example of this in action is terrace farming rice fields in Bali Indonesia.