• Kindergarten Registration Information


    Welcome to Franklin County Schools! You will find all enrollment information to enroll your rising Kindergartener here. Children must be five (5) years old on or before August 31 of the year they will enter kindergarten. If a child’s fifth birth date falls on or after September 1 the child is not eligible to enroll. Please utilize the online registration system and additional forms to assist you with your enrollment or feel free to contact your child's school. 

    Franklin County Schools conducts enrollment at your child's designated school. Please utilize the sub-district maps or the Locate My Child's School Tool to determine where your child is to attend school. If you are seeking reassignment, please contact Diane Marks, Student Reassignment Coordinator.

    Diane Marks, Student Reassignment Coordinator and Board Clerk

    Email: dianemarks@fcschools.net

    Telephone: (919) 496-2600

    For your convenience, please use the links below to begin the registration process for your child online. Some additional forms will need to be either downloaded or picked up from your child’s school and be completed in order for the registration process to be complete. These forms can be found on the Enrollment and Registration page or in the online registration site. When you have completed the online registration and necessary paperwork, take the completed paperwork to your child's school to finish enrollment. 

    To help you out with Registration please use this Check List (ENGLISH or ESPANOL) to ensure you complete all necessary steps.


    Kindergarten Registration is completed through an online registration process accessed at:

    Kindergarten Registration (ENGLISH Version)

    Kindergarten Registration (ESPANOL Version)