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    The Apex program is an alternative learning program.

    This program offers a unique opportunity for students to take online courses, for high school credits while moving forward to obtain their high school diploma. We strongly believe that ALL students should have as many opportunities to graduate as possible, and we believe that the Apex Learning program benefits students who need the  alternative learning approach.  

    The  integrative digital curriculum program, is designed to support all students in achieving their potential. Such as those struggling with grade-level content to those capable of accelerating to higher learning. Courses provided meets high school graduation requirements and address the needs of ALL  students through personalized pathways, from building foundational skills to opportunities for advanced coursework. Courses range from Foundations, Prescriptive, Core to AP and Honors.

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    North Carolina Virtual Public School(NCVPS)NCVPS

    NCVPS deliver high-quality online courses that are taught by certified North Carolina teachers to students from across the state regardless of zip codes. NCVPS course offerings include advanced placement, electives, traditional, honors, core, STEM, occupational course of study, flex learning, and English Learners courses. The courses are high-quality and articulate, which makes learning more interactive. Courses are taken for "Initial" credit towards high school and/or college.

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