• Student Record/Transcript Requests

    Franklin County Schools is now offering a secure and convenient way for former high school students to request and receive student records, including transcripts, disability determinations, and phone verifications. Additionally, if you are seeking information for a background check, verification or other information regarding an existing or former student of Franklin County Schools, you will be able to get that information here.

    Current students: to request a copy of your transcript please contact your school Guidance Department.

    Transcripts will be furnished free for the seven days after graduation. Please Note: Phone, mail or fax requests will no longer be accepted. Please allow 7-10 business days to process student record requests.

    The following information may be requested online:

    • High School Official Transcript
    • High School Unofficial Transcript
    • Verification of Name
    • Verification of Birth Date
    • Graduation Verification

    Click here to begin the online record request process.