Cross District Events

  • Franklin County Schools is excited to announce a new program this semester. We call it "Cross District Events". It means that several schools are opening their doors to prospective students and students in grade levels below and above. Students and parents who are curious about what our other schools offer, in their attendance zone, are encouraged to take part in school visits, sporting events, curriculum nights and festivals. This is a way for you to get familiar with your districted elementary, middle and high schools and see what they have to offer first-hand. 

    To see a list of all the events, check the district calendar frequently. All events will be indicated with the title "Cross District Event". You can also easily locate it by choosing events highlighted in the turquoise blue color.  Most events involve two to three schools, so be sure to give them a look. If you have questions about event specifics or want to attend, contact the host school directly for more information.
    We look forward to seeing you soon!