Enrollment Information

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  • If you're new to Franklin County Schools, welcome! We're glad you're here. On this page, you will find enrollment information that is tailored to your needs, whether your child is entering Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten, or is transferring from another school. Please utilize the forms and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to assist you with your enrollment questions or feel free to contact your child's school. 

    Franklin County Schools conducts enrollment at your child's designated school. Please utilize the sub-district maps or the Locate My Child's School Tool to determine where your child is to attend school. If you are seeking reassignment, please contact Diane Marks, Student Reassignment Coordinator. The deadline for Hardship/Medical and Senior Status reassignment requests is May 31st for the upcoming school year.  If the student previously received approval for reassignment through Majority to Minority but it is not applicable for the upcoming school year, to be considered for reassignment, one of the other types of requests (as applicable) must be submitted by May 31 for the upcoming school year. 

    Diane Marks, Student Reassignment Coordinator and Board Clerk

    Email: dianemarks@fcschools.net

    Telephone: (919) 496-2600

    For your convenience, enrollment forms are downloadable. Some forms will allow you to type information in and print afterward. Some are printable only. When you complete the packet and necessary paperwork, take the completed forms to your child's school to complete enrollment. 

Sub-District Maps

Pre-K Information

  • To print Pre-K files, select the file you want and download it to your computer. Open up the file and select "Control-P" together which will give you the option to print.


    You can also, print to a PDF (in your printing settings). Once you convert the JPEG file to a PDF on your own computer, open up the new file and print as you normally would.

Student Reassignment

  • This section and associated paperwork is under construction. Please check back frequently.