Vertical Alignment


Alignment is a powerful tool for focusing instruction, curriculum, and assessment.  If all of our students were performing at high levels, alignment would not be an issue.  Since they are not, then we know that alignment is extremely necessary.  Alignment is the degree to which expectations and assessments are in agreement and serve in conjunction with one another to guide the system toward students learning what is expected.  

It is equally important that both vertical and horizontal alignment take place.  Vertical alignment is usually the most difficult.  Because we want all schools going in the same direction, we have defined vertical alignment as:  a means of achieving the reinforcement and integration of crucial academic skills for all students at each grade level in Franklin County Schools.  

While putting vertical alignment in place, attention was paid to policy which includes the framework, standards, etc.; the program that includes instruction, and of course practice which is student outcomes.  The ultimate goal for this vertical alignment is to have a fully functional system working toward students mastering and exceeding standard course of study competencies at each grade level.  

Representatives from each school, grade level and/or subject area have completed the vertical alignment documents in math, science, social studies, and English/Language Arts. What follows are their findings of specific skills needed at each grade level to become proficient in what is taught from the North Carolina Standard Course of Study.  The purpose of using this document throughout the school year is to increase the opportunity for acceleration at all grade levels.  The goal is to have more students proficient at each grade level and thus, more students prepared for higher level course offerings.  Please be aware of information as it pertains to your grade level and students and its integration to the North Carolina Standard Course of Study, pacing and alignment, and your daily lesson plans.

Initial Process Framework for Success
Elementary and Middle School Vertical Alignment for Language Arts
High Schools Vertical Alignment for Math
  Vertical Alignment for Science
  Vertical Alignment for Social Studies

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