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Links To Downloads Used By the Technology Team

Quicktime Adobe Acrobat Reader Flash
Shockwave RealPlayer Windows Media Player
 Internet Explorer Java and Java 3D Irfanview ..Graphic viewer 
Finale NotePad Turn your musical ideas into printed music.
Ideal for music students and teachers.
Download it or request a CD.
Get a downloadable map of the United States Google Earth   Download this program to see satellite photos of places all around the world. You MUST have the following in order for it to work, on our network, without causing problems for the whole system:  512 meg of RAM, Windows XP and Pentium 4
McAfee site advisor Bridge Designer 2006 Software for West Point Bridge Design Contest Windows Defender
Anvil Studio (read about it here)

Download   version 2004.09.05  (download here)  Click "Download First Time Release" at the bottom of the page


Music teachers using electronic keyboards with disk drives to create their own musical scores for productions will find this program useful for modifying the musical tracks on the computer. An optional (NOT FREE) add-on will allow you to convert your MIDI files to WAV, which will let you put your music on a CD and play it on a boom box or other stereo equipment. Contact Cathy Palmer for details if you are interested in that additional software.