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Lesson Plans 

This section is continually a work in progress. Teachers in the Reading First program are invited and encouraged to submit ideas, suggestions and lesson plans for Intervention lessons (either original or found online).

Submission Guidelines and Procedures

Tracking Dinosaurs: Comprehension
Cinderella: Comprehension

Cinderella: Sequencing

Mushroom: Sequencing
Hole in the Dike: Comprehension
Hungry Little Hare: Comprehension

Hungry Little Hare: Sequencing

Hungry Little Hare: Whose Line is it anyway?

Hungry Little Hare: Contractions and Matching Definitions

The Library: Comprehension
Octopus: Comprehension
The Story of 2 Whales: Comprehension
Molly: Sequencing
They Thought They Saw Him:  Seqeunce

They Thought They Saw Him:  Drawing Conclusions