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Resources and Links

Here are links to various helpful resources for student projects and general information.

Web Page Development:

Google Search Engine  

Frontpage tutorial

Landmark for Schools permission template for asking websites for permission to use images or text.
Purplemath (Algebra) Website
Math for Morons Like Us Thinkquest (PreAgebra)
SOS Math Website Math for Morons Like Us Thinkquest (Algebra I)
NODC unit converstion guide Math for Morons Like Us Thinkquest (Algebra II)
Glencoe Algebra I Website Math for Morons Like Us Thinkquest (Geometry)
Glencoe Geometry Website Math for Morons Like Us Thinkquest (Pre-Calculus)
Math Instructional Videoes Mr. L's decimal to fraction to % "how to"
Math - Geometry Website Mr. Leonard's metric prefix conversion "how to"
Khan Academy Videos  
  Science@NASA news headlines
Periodic tables on the web
Biology Biology Book Online
Dictionary.com Dictionary.com (Style Guide)
Root Words & Prefixes Web English Teacher (grammar/mechanics)
Dictionary of Grammar Terms Landmark for Schools automatic footnote maker in the proper MLA format
  Comma Splices - definition & how to fix them
Social Studies:  
American Indian History  
Virtual Ancient Civilizations Internet Modern History Sourcebook
Oral History Internet Medieval History Sourcebook
FCS's North Carolina links Internet Ancient History Sourcebook
World, National, & State maps Univ. of Texas Library Map Collection
  NC Civic Education Consortium
Dictionary from Marangraphicx
All subjects:  
High School Hub  
GCF Free Learn